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Published on April 18th, 2015 | by Tim Mayo


Out Now: Mega Drift on iOS

If you like drifting games then the auto-driving Mega Drift might be just the game for you. It just launched on iOS and is already available to download in the App Store.

It’s free to play so does include in-app purchases. Whether or not you will need to make these to complete the game remains to be seen, but I don’t recommend holding your breath!

There is no news yet on whether or not this game will make it over to Android.

Here’s the trailer:

Developer/Publisher Description

Mega Drift is the racing game that’s all about drifting. Grab the wheel and keep the race alive by reaching the next checkpoint before the timer runs out. As the game progresses your drifting skills will be tested to the max!

• Unique controls – just tap and hold to start drifting
• Tear up the tracks in exotic locations – drift through abandoned mine towns, mysterious jungle ruins and more
• Lots of cool cars ranging from muscle cars to trucks to buggies – all upgradable to give them increased top speed, toughness and boost power
• Tons of missions to complete and crazy bonus vehicles to unlock
• Enter into fierce competitions against your Facebook friends

Game Requirements

  • iOS: iOS 8.0 or higher

Mega Drift is free to download but does include in-app purchases. It’s available now for iOS:

Download on the App Store

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